4 Things to Pack for Dog Boarding in Belton, TX

Are you planning to take your dog to a dog boarding facility? Do you want to make sure she’s fully prepared for the experience? Whether your dog will be staying just one night or for a week or more, she needs to have the right items with her before she goes to a boarding facility.

Although your boarding location may tell you which items to bring, many assume you’ve already done this before and know what to take. If this is your first time boarding your dog, we’ve got you covered. Check out the information below to find out more about which items you need to bring along when you board your dog to make sure everything goes smoothly for you and her both.


Food and Treats

Some boarding facilities will provide food for you dog, so you’ll need to be sure to check with them. If it is not provided, the most important thing to remember to pack for your dog is her food! Additionally, it’s good for your dog to stay on the food that’s most familiar to her in case she gets upset and doesn’t want to eat while you’re gone. Try to bring both wet and dry food options for this reason, if possible.

You should also bring along treats for your dog. Pick treats you know she likes and has eaten before so you can be certain they won’t cause her any problems like stomach upset. Bring enough treats to last the whole time you’re gone, and be sure to let the boarding facility know how many treats a day they are allowed to give her. When she is given treats for good behavior, she’ll likely start associating boarding with good things instead of bad, and she’ll probably relax more easily and more quickly, too.



If your pet is taking any medication, make sure you bring it to the dog boarding facility. Bring more than enough for the amount of time she’ll be staying with them, just in case. Even if she’s just taking supplements such as vitamins or fiber, bring that along as well. She needs to continue receiving the same treatment she’s had at home while you’re away, so you should be ready to supply the boarding facility with everything they need to make this happen. You should also give them clear instructions on how much medication she needs and how often to administer it.


Collar and Leash

You should make sure to bring your dog’s collar with you when you leave her at the dog boarding facility. Likely, she will already have it on when you take her in, but some pet owners still forget! Be sure to choose a collar that’s safe and comfortable but that she can’t pull off on her own. Attach a name tag with your contact information and, if possible, your dog’s microchip number. If you live in a state that requires your dog to wear her rabies tag, make sure this is attached to the collar as well.

The dog boarding facility will give you instructions on the type of leash you can leave with them. Some facilities don’t mind what kind of leash you use, but others will have specifics about what is and isn’t allowed. Some prefer you to leave a traditional leash rather than an extendable one, for example, so all the dogs on site have the same amount of leash to work with. Still others require leashes made out of only certain materials because they are the safest and most durable options for dogs in their care. Each facility is different, so ask ahead for more information.


Documents from Your Vet

Your dog boarding facility will require you to bring vet documentation when you book your pet’s stay. However, you should also bring an additional copy with you when you drop off your pet. This way, there’s no confusion about any medical needs or other concerns the boarding facility may have about your dog, and they have quick access to her medical records. Additionally, give them your veterinarian’s contact information in the unlikely event they need to be contacted while you’re away. 



With this information, you should be ready to pack your pet for dog boarding in Belton, TX. These are the basics of what she needs with her, but remember that some dog boarding facilities have different requirements than others. Be sure to call ahead and find out more if you have any more questions.

Remember that this is a difficult time for your dog. Although it’s stressful for you, too, she doesn’t understand what’s going on or why you’re leaving her at this unfamiliar place. The more items from home you can send with her, the better off she’ll be. And you’ll be able to rest assured too, knowing your dog has reminders of her family and won’t forget about you or be sad without you while you’re gone. With the right preparation, even a long-term family vacation can be less stressful for you and your dog when dropping her off at your boarding facility.


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