Pet Diagnostics in Belton

The most thorough physical exam may not be enough for us to determine your pet’s health status. Our ability to detect internal problems will be limited unless we use one or more of our pet diagnostics tools. Therefore, the logical next step following your pet’s examination is to take a more in-depth approach to finding answers. At Belton Small Animal Clinic, our skilled veterinarians and technicians are experienced in using laboratory and imaging equipment to detect elusive health problems.

Due to our patients’ numerous and varied health needs, we can perform a number of pet diagnostic tests to address specific issues. Furthermore, we can obtain reliable results over a short period to benefit urgent cases.

Pet Diagnostics in Belton, TX
Cat during a dental digital x-ray

Digital & Dental X-ray


Our digital X-ray equipment combines speed, clarity and greater safety to create less stressful experiences for pets, and better results for our team. X-ray is especially effective in showing us images of your pet’s bones, joints and heart, and can reveal tumors or foreign bodies in the abdominal cavity. Furthermore, we can diagnose orthopedic and cardiac issues, along with pulmonary disease, urinary tract disease and cancer.

Our dental X-ray equipment enables us to study the oral cavity in greater detail, and identify issues below the gum line and in the surrounding bone.



Certain cases may require us to recommend an ultrasound exam for your pet. By emitting high-frequency soundwaves, our ultrasound equipment can create a moving, real-time image of the internal organs. Ultrasound is highly beneficial in cases where we suspect heart disease, pregnancy, cancer, gallbladder disease, gastrointestinal problems and liver disease. Like X-ray, this procedure is painless, drug-free and non-invasive, and sedation should not be necessary.

Each patient is treated with care and kindness while undergoing their pet diagnostic evaluation, and will be kept comfortable throughout. If you have any questions for us about our diagnostic capabilities here in Belton, please call us at (254) 939-5823.