The Importance of Dog & Cat Vaccinations in Belton

We know you love your pets, so we want them to live the longest, healthiest life possible with you. While we're proud to offer high-quality medical treatment for sick pets, sometimes the best medicine is prevention. Dog and cat vaccinations provide protection from some of the most dangerous and contagious diseases pets can catch, making them a critical part of your four-legged friend's wellness care.

Some diseases, like rabies, can be spread by wild animals and are even transferable to humans. Vaccinating your pet not only protects them from potentially lethal illnesses, it also protects you and other animals with which they may come into contact.


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When to Vaccinate Your Dog & Cat


At Belton Small Animal Clinic we recommend that all dogs and cats receive a series of core vaccinations. Furthermore, we offer a number of secondary vaccination options which can be administered to your pet if they are at a high risk of contracting a certain disease.

To best prevent future health issues, get your puppy or kitten started on their customized vaccination plan early. Puppies and kittens should be brought in for their first set of core vaccinations between the ages of six and eight weeks old.

After their first visit we will evaluate their overall health and lifestyle to determine a schedule for their booster vaccines and any additional vaccines they may need to help give them the safest, healthiest life possible. 

Our vaccines for dogs and cats protect against the following:

Dog and cat vaccinations in Belton
Two veterinarians examining a dog

Additional Pet Vaccination Information


If your pet is often outdoors or social with other animals, certain vaccines may be critical to maintaining their health. Additionally, pets which need to be boarded or hospitalized may need to be vaccinated against specific diseases. Give us a call if you have any questions about pet vaccination requirements or would like to schedule your pet for a vaccine consultation. Our number is (254) 939-5823, and we're happy to help!