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End-of-Life Care


Pet End of Life Care

The staff of Belton Small Animal Clinic wants our clients to know that we’ll be there with them through every phase of their pet’s lives. Just as we’re here to answer questions when your pets are starting out or dealing with an illness, we’ll be there for you when they enter their final days. We know saying goodbye to a pet is never easy. That’s why we offer our clients pet end of life care services to make this time as stress-free as possible for your family and your pet.

Pet End-of-Life Care in Belton: Old Dog Lays on Hardwood Floor

Saying Goodbye


While we will do everything in our power to give your pet a good quality of life in their final days, a peaceful goodbye often becomes the best option. Having a pet euthanasized is never an easy choice to make. Whether the decision needs to be made quickly, or you have time to prepare for it during a prolonged illness, our staff will offer answers, support, and the comfort they can.

When the time comes to say goodbye, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We will reserve a room for you to ensure your pet’s passing is completely private and peaceful. We appreciate that this is a very personal time and decision, so we will do anything we can to accommodate your wishes. If you want to be with your pet the entire time, you can remain in the room with the doctor or you can take a personal moment with your pet and then step outside. No matter what you choose to do, our staff will handle your pet with gentleness and loving care until the end.

Pet End-of-Life Care in Belton: Cat Lays on Couch

Memorializing Your Pet


Although pets cannot stay with us forever, our memories of them can. To help you memorialize your companion, Belton Small Animal Clinic provides the option of having your pet’s pawprint imprinted in clay as a keepsake. We also work with a private cremation service to take care of your pet’s remains. After cremation, your pet’s ashes can be returned to you in an urn for private burial or safekeeping. However, if you would rather, we can claim the ashes and our staff will see to their burial or scattering.

If you would like more information about our pet end of life care services, please call us at
(254) 939-5823. The entire staff of Belton Small Animal Clinic offers our condolences to you during this difficult time.


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