Helpful Links and News for Pet Parents in Belton

We don’t only spread our veterinary knowledge to those who come into our animal hospital—we share them with the greater Belton community! Click on the links below to see our staff and veterinarians providing their expertise on pet health topics. Please feel free to contact us at (254) 939-5823 with any questions!

Helpful Links and News in Belton, TX

High risk of heartworm disease for pets in warmer weather

In this article, our kennel technician, Debra Raper shares her story and Dr. Dunkelberger enlightens pet owners on the dangers of heartworm disease. She stresses that warmer weather increases that risk due to a higher rate of mosquitoes who transfer the disease to our pets.

Experts advise having a severe weather plan for your pets

This article features a video where Dr. Dunkelberger talks about the importance of having a severe weather/disaster plan and to-go bag for your pet—just like you do for your family.